Hall Hire Terms & Conditions

Hire Agreements of 1st Kingston Hill Scout ("1KH") are subject to these Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire and any Special Conditions of Hire arising from the purpose of hire (hereafter jointly referred to as "Hall Conditions").
No exclusion of any term or condition can apply unless specifically granted in writing.

  1. Understanding the Hall Conditions. - The Hirer will ensure they and their assistants (see clause 2) have an understanding of the Hall Conditions in force.
  2. Statement of purpose and supervision of hire. - The Hirerhas entered a clear and unambiguous statement of the purpose of hire on the booking/agreement documentation before signing. The Hirer undertakes to appoint a sufficient number of competent persons, aged 18 or over, to provide adequate supervision throughout the hiring to ensure the provisions and stipulations referred to in the Hall Conditions and any applicable licenses are complied with.
  3. The Hirer is responsible during the whole period of hire for making sure that:
    • Number of people using the hall is not more than that permitted.
    • All members of staff and visiting guests must conform to the signing in procedures under “General Data Protection Regulations 2018” (GDPR).
    • Use of premises namely the building, its fabric and contents, its access, car park and surrounding land, is fully supervised to keep those premises safe from damage or change of any sort.
    • A fully charged mobile phone is available for use in an emergency, and that number has been made available to the 1KH.
    • The purpose and conduct of the hire do not disrupt the use of any room hired by others.
    • Behavior of all persons, whatever their capacity, using the premises, remains under control.
    • Car parking arrangements are controlled to avoid obstruction of the highway.
    • No excessive noise occurs during the hire.
    • A minimum of noise is made by any person on arrival or departure particularly late at night or early morning in respect of our neighbors.
    • Any electrical appliances brought onto the premises for use shall be certified safe and in good working order, and used in a safe manner, using residual current circuit breakers where appropriate.  The Hirer will maintain records of all such testing and upon request provide copies to 1KH upon request. 
  4. The Hirer is responsible during the whole period of hire for making sure that: 
    • The premises are NOT sub- hired or used for any purpose other than that described in the hire agreement.
    • The premises are NOT used by the hirer or anyone else for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way.
    • NO birds or animals, except guide dogs, are brought into the building, without written permission of 1KH.
    • NO animals whatsoever enter the kitchen or kitchenette at any time.
    • Nothing that may endanger the premises is allowed to be brought onto the premises.
    • NO action is allowed that may render any insurance cover for the premises invalid.
    • NO DRUGS are allowed on the premises
    • Smoking is not permitted in any area of the property or its grounds.
    • NO LPG appliances or highly flammable substances are brought onto the premises, without permission of 1KH.
  5. The Hirer is responsible at the end of the hire for making sure that:
    • Everything is left clean and tidy with rubbish removed from the premises.
    • All equipment, chairs and tables have been returned to storage positions tidily,
    • The premises are cleared of people.
    • All lighting internal and external are switched off.
    • The heating system has been set to 15 degrees on the main thermostat located in the main hall.
    • All doors and windows locked securely, and car park bollards are returned to the upright position unless the Hirer has been advised that a room or public area is in use by another continuing hire.
    • All rubbish has been removed from the site unless the Hirer has obtained written consent/approval from 1KH.
    • All contaminated/hazardous waste has been removed from the site unless the hirer has obtained written consent/approval from 1KH.
  6. Authority to supply alcohol or to provide public entertainment. - NO alcohol may be supplied or consumed on the premises under any circumstances without the specific written authority of 1KH. Performance of entertainment for the public also requires specific written authority of 1KH. 1KH may choose to require that the Hirer shall obtain a Temporary Event License at his own expense, but no Hirer may seek such a license without the consent of 1KH.
  7. Compliance with The Children Act of I989.The Hirershall ensure that any activities for children under eight years of age comply with the provisions of The Children Act of I989 and relevant succeeding legislation. Any activity for all children must be operated in accordance with guidelines available for relevant activities, and only fit and proper persons have access to the children.
  8. Compliance with other relevant legislation. - The Hirer must in particular make sure that the users: 
    • Do not contravene the law relating to gaming (gaming & gambling act 2005 and lotteries act 1998)
    • Comply with all conditions and regulations required by the Premises Licensing Act 2003particularly in connection with events which include public dancing or music, or stage plays, or films, or similar entertainment.
    • Observe all relevant Food Health and Hygiene Safety Act 1990legislation and regulations if preparing, serving, or selling food.
    • Do not contravene the Copyright Act 2012.
  9. Prevention of Fly Posting. - The Hirershall not carry out, or permit fly posting, or any other illegal form of unauthorised advertisements, for any event taking place at the premises without prior written permission of 1KHAny breach of this condition may lead to prosecution by the local authority.
  10. Indemnity from the Hirer. - The Hirers hall indemnify and keep indemnified each member of 1KH’Council and Management Committee and 1KH’s volunteers, agents, and invitees against: -     
    • The Cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the premises of the contents of the premises.
    • All Actions, claims, and costs of proceedings arising from any breach of the Hall Conditions.
    • All Claims in respect of damages, including damage for loss of property or injury to persons, arising as a result of the use of the premises (including the storage of equipment) by the Hirer.
    • As directed by 1KH, the Hirer shall make good or pay for all damage (including accidental damage) to the premises or to the fixtures, fittings, or contents and for loss of contents.
  11. Insurance Commercial. -  The Hirer shall if required take out adequate insurance to insure the Hirer and members of the Hirer's organisation and invitees against all claims arising as a result of' the hire, and on demand shall produce the policy and current receipt or other evidence of cover to the 1KH Committee. 1KH is insured against any claims arising out of its own negligence and its public liabilitycover extends to cover nonprofit making, i.e., non-commercial, hirers. (This does not cover bouncy castles or other inflatable devices, sponsored walks, rides, or similar events) Items stored by any Hirer in the building are not insured except by prior arrangement with 1KH that is confirmed in writing by 1KH.
  12. The Hirer must report all Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences. - The Hirer must report all accidents involving injury to the public to an authorised representative of 1KH as soon as possible and complete the relevant section in 1KH’s Accident Book. Any failure of equipment, either that belonging to 1KH, or brought in by the Hirer must also be reported as soon as possible. In accordance with the 'Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation 2013' (RIDDOR).
  13. Stored equipment. -  1KH accepts no responsibility for any stored equipment or other property brought onto or left at the premises and all liability for loss or damage is hereby excluded. All equipment and other property, other than that stored on the premises by agreement, must be removed at the end of each hiring or storage period. 1KH may dispose of any such items 7 days thereafter at its discretion, by sale or otherwise on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit and charge the Hirer daily storage fees and costs incurred in storing and selling or otherwise disposing of the same.  The Hirer shall provide full comprehensive Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) data sheets in compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Heath regulations 2002.
  14. No alterations. - No alterations or additions may be made to the premises, and No fixtures are to be installed (or placards, decorations, or other articles be attached) in any way to any part of the premises without the prior written approval of 1KH. Any alteration, fixture or fitting, or attachment, so approved shall, at the discretion of 1KHremain in the premises at the end of the hiring and become the property of 1KH or be removed by the HirerThe Hirer must make good to the satisfaction of 1KH any damage caused to the premises by such removal.
  15. Cancellation by the Hirer. -  If the Hirer cancels the booking before the date of the event and 1KH is unable to conclude a replacement booking, 1KH may, at its discretion, require a further payment of hire fees or withhold part of the special deposits and hire charge already paid.
  16. Cancellation by the Hall. - 1KH reserves the right to cancel a hiring by written notice to the Hirer in the event of the premises being required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local Government election or bye-election or referendum or, 1KH reasonably considers that:    
    • Such hiring may lead to a breach of the licensing conditions, or other legal or statutory requirements.
    • Unlawful or unsuitable activities may take place at the premises as a result of the hiring.
    • The premises have become unfit for the use intended by the Hirer. In any such case theHirer shall be entitled to a refund of any deposit or hire fees already paid, but 1KH shall not be liable for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.    
  17. Restriction of benefit of the hire agreement. - None of the provisions of the hire agreement are intended to or will operate to confer any benefit pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 on a person who is not named as a party to this Hire Agreement. The hire agreement constitutes permission only to use the premises and confers no tenancy or other right of occupation on the Hirer.
  18. Specific Hire Terms -   
    • Hire Agreement based on the following periods and times.
    • The hire period must include all elements of the hire purpose including setting up and clearing away. The stated timings are fully inclusive of all hirer period requirements.
    • Access outside of these times can only be granted with prior notification and approval by 1KH. The Hirer is not permitted to enter the premises or its grounds if occupied by another hirer or 1KH
    • Use of the main Car Park can be arranged upon request.  Users of the Car Park do so at their own RISK. 1KH will not Accept and Responsibility for Damage, Accident or Loss.
  19. Hire Deposit Arrangements -   
    • A deposit of £150.00 will be required from the Hirer for each individual event, which will be kept and not deposited by 1KH. At the conclusion of the Hire Agreement, 1KH shall visually check that premises and ensure all the above relevant clauses have been carried out and completed, and that no damage has been caused during the agreement period. If 1KH decides that any of the above clauses have not been completed to a satisfactory standard or any damage has been caused, the cost of which shall be taken from the deposit.
  20. Hire Periods 
  • Period 1 - Monday - Sunday 1000hrs till 1400hrs
  • Period 2 - Monday - Sunday 1400hrs till 1800hrs



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